How long will it take to build my website?

Typically Sand can offer a two week - one month turnaround on new website development, but this can be impacted based on exactly which features are being built into your site, whether you require additional graphic design work for logos and branding and the current workload that Sand may be experiencing. You will be quoted a time-frame based on these factors at the beginning of your project.

Is hosting and domain registration included in the cost? How will I be billed?

Both hosting and domain registration are costs that will be incurred by you, the client. If you already have a domain purchased for your website it can certainly be used for your new site. Sand can make the appropriate registrations on your behalf and add the cost to your project total. It typically costs approximately $20.00 to register a new domain. Sand recommends Webflow for site hosting, which incurs a monthly cost of approx $12 - $16. Billing for any project will be split into two 50% payments; a deposit payment at the commencement of your project, and then the final 50% payment when your site is finished and ready for launch. This final payment must be made before your website can be made live. Bills will be sent to you via email and can be paid by bank deposit or Paypal.

Will I be billed for changes to my site or my graphic design elements?

During the build phase of your project you will not be charged whatsoever for design changes. Our philosophy at Sand is to provide you with a fixed price for you project, with no danger of unseen or unknown costs. For this reason you will be provided with a detailed brief and contract for your approval before the project commences, outlying precisely what Sand will be creating for you. If you decide to change those parameter during the build process and your costs must be adjusted, you will be notified via email and no further costs will be billed without your prior approval.

After your site is built and approved it will be made live on the web. From then on any changes you need made by Sand to the site will incur a cost of $30.00 per hour. If you would like to engage Sand with ongoing changes to the site on a weekly or monthly basis, we can organise a modest monthly fee to maintain these changes.

How will my custom domain email accounts work?

Access to a Google G Suite for Business account is included with all Sand website packages. This includes the setup of custom email accounts under the G Suite account. This means that you will be able to send and receive from addresses bearing your domain. The accounts can also be used to access the entire range of G Suite applications, such as Google Drive, Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Vault and many more. All of these tools are designed by Google for use in a professional environment, streamlining your time and your communication with staff and customers.

Each custom account you create will cost approximately $5.00 per month, but various alias addresses can be added to each address at no extra cost.

Sand will provide free training and support for the use of your G Suite accounts and features.

Who owns my content once it's finished?

As a rule all assets created by Sand belong to the respective clients for which they were created in their entirety. This includes website files and data, logos, print design and all intellectual property. Once your final payment for your project has been made, all of this data will be provided to you via email or a Dropbox link. Logo files will be created in vector format.

Sand encourages all clients to maintain ownership of their own domains and hosting plans, but if this is something you would prefer us to maintain for you we are happy to do so. If you require your site, domain or hosting to be transferred elsewhere for any reason in the future, Sand will make that transfer for you without issue.