Feet in the sand

Web design, illustration & popular culture in Far North Queensland. Written by Hamish Oates.

I'm a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, writer and the founder of Sand Web Design. Graphic artist at News Corp. Father and husband. Pop culture addict.

Retro Web

They say that time flies when you're having fun. Being a product of the 1980's, it never ceases to amaze me just how far digital technology and the internet at large has come in the past thirty-plus year...

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Fix It With Video

Video content has a much greater yield when it comes to return on investment with social media marketing. It's more engaging, it grabs more attention and it can communicate your message faster and more efficiently than any other means....

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Northern Exposure

I've lived in Far Northern Queensland for almost two years now, and every-time that I leave the house, it still never ceases to amaze me just how pretty this part of Australia is. The last place I lived was in...

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Texas Que' Culture

It can be quite disconcerting, working on a project that seems designed to make you, as the person overseeing branding and visual design for said project, extremely hungry. That was the dilemma I faced with a client that I've...

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Roll Credits

In the silver screen days they were something audiences had to suffer through; static text over a still frame, interminably long, crediting everyone and everything right down to the type of film used...

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Retrospective Interview with Quest for Glory Creator Corey Cole

Last year I was privileged enough to do a short interview with veteran adventure/RPG game designer Corey Cole. Corey is one half of the husband/wife design duo behind the eternally beloved ‘Quest for Glory’ series...

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