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Tropics Occupational Therapy

November 8, 2018

Colour is an fundamental factor when it comes to any kind of branding. Choices with colour can grab attention, set a mood and create strong brand recognition. Colour is something that can sometimes be hard to lock down, changing many times across the development process. It's something that you can tweak and experiment with to a near obsessive degree.

Other times, however, colour can fall right into place from the very first draft of a logo design. That was the case with Tropics Occupational Therapy, the newly re-branded Cairns Paediatrics. Sharon, the business owner/operator, wanted something bold, fun and arresting, and once she saw the spectrum created for the initial Tropics OT concepts, those colours never changed. Those colours were coupled that with a clean and sleek toucan element, the combination of which resulted in a logo with a very 'tropical' feel.

The re-brand for Tropics OT was prompted by the expansion of the businesses services, so Sharon tasked Sand with creating something new to go along with it. Sharon struck me as a very astute business owner. Friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. When she approached her re-brand she sourced input from her friends, family and colleagues. None of her choices were made blindly, and she considered each step of the brand and website development process carefully. I think the results have come together beautifully. I look forward to doing more work with with Sharon and Tropics OT moving forward.