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Here's Johnny

January 27, 2019

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It can be easy to neglect your hobbies. There was a time that I tried my best to do some drawing every day, be it of the paper and pencil or digital ink variety, but it can be easy to push that idea aside when other things get in the way and you find yourself in a busy period. Over the long weekend I made sure that I put some time aside and did a little bit of illustration practice.

This piece took around three hours to complete. There were only really two stages; a basic composition sketch, done on paper, then scanned to Photoshop for the second, more detailed render with a Wacom Intuos tablet. One of these days I'll think ahead of time and record a brief process video.

The Photoshop brush settings I used for this line-art style.

The sheer versatility of inking something like this in Photoshop can be quite daunting. With brush presets, pen sensitivity settings and endless options for translating sketch to digital inks, finding the settings that will work perfectly for each piece can sometimes be a challenge. With this render I settled on a custom watercolour brush, with pen sensitivity controlling transfer and tip size, soften slightly to negate 100% sharp lines.

Watch this space for the results of more practice soon.

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