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Hairdressers Unite

July 31, 2018

There is something decidedly energizing about being around someone that is genuinely passionate about what they do. The pursuit of a craft into an exceptional or innovative space is an admirable thing to strive for. I try to do it with my own area of expertise, graphic design, web development and illustration, and I think I can recognize that desire to do something different in other people. That's what I discovered when I met Crystal Maclennan, the founder and master stylist at the Port Douglas based salon 'Hairdressers Unite'.

Hairdressers Unite the psychology of style poster
An early design concept exploring Crystal's 'psychology of style' idea.

Upon my first meeting with Crystal I found that she had a very solid picture of what she wanted in terms of branding when it came to Hairdressers Unite. She had a clear outline in her head and she knew the style and attitude that she wanted represented in the brand. I found the passion behind her explanation of HU to be very motivating, and after that one, short meeting I had a slew of ideas forming in my mind. When pencil hit  paper for the planning stages of the HU branding, Crystal gave me only two rules that I had to stick by; the HU branding had to be genuinely unique, and she wanted a colour palette of black and gold. Those, I told her, were limitations that I could work with.

The design phase went through multiple iterations as we worked towards something that Crystal loved. Her enthusiasm for the process and the resulting work only seemed to intensify the more that the branding took shape. Within the idea of Hairdressers Unite Crystal helped me find a language and fundamental philosophy that gave the project a tangible feel and texture. She wanted to explore what she called 'the psychology of style'. What I think she meant by this is to explore the choices that a person makes when it comes to their own personal style and the way they present themselves to the world, but to me it was a philosophy that could very easily be applied to my own work. People are complicated. No one can deny that. When we are attracted to something, be it a hair style or logo design, why are we attracted to it? Why do we make the choices that we do with fashion, style, art, culture and design? There is more behind these things than simple aesthetic appeal. Deeper meanings hidden within.

That is the question that Hairdressers Unite challenges its clientele to ask themselves, and when it comes to professional hair and makeup styling, I don't think there is anyone in Far North Queensland that can answer it more succinctly and creatively.

My hope is that the graphic design and website assets that I created for Hairdressers Unite will live up to what Crystal and her team are doing and represent the business in an authentic fashion. I encourage anyone living up here in the beautiful Far North to visit Hairdressers Unite in Port Douglas and experience the service and expertise that Crystal and her team have on offer.

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