Design, art & popular culture in Far North Queensland. Written by Hamish Oates.

I'm a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, writer and the founder of Sand Web Design. Graphic artist at News Corp. Father and husband. Pop culture addict.

Musical Influence

Dealing with major life change can be quite discombobulating when a fairly significant event sneaks right up on you. Case in point; I discovered that my position at the News Corp paper I worked for up here in the Far North, The Cairns Post...

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Webflow vs Wordpress

Amongst the website creation and content management tools available on the web today, it cannot be denied that Wordpress is one of the biggest players. Hundreds of thousands of sites utilize the service as the backend system for their respective corners of...

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The Spaces in Between

I've explored plenty of options when it comes to drawing and colouring art digitally. They all have their unique pro's and con's, but I seem to always inevitably find myself drawn back to Photoshop...

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Here's Johnny

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It can be easy to neglect your hobbies. There was a time that I tried my best to do some drawing every day, be it of the paper and pencil or digital Wacom variety...

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The No Good

I released my first attempt at an original, written novel this week. Titled 'The No Good', the story follows a group of young punk-rock musicians, scraping out a living in a dystopian, post-societal Australia...

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Tropics Occupational Therapy

Colour is an fundamental factor when it comes to any kind of branding. Choices with colour can grab attention, set a mood and create strong brand recognition. Colour is something that can sometimes be hard to lock down...

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Cairns Phone Repairs

Sand had a couple of brand new websites launch this month. The first is Cairns Phone Repairs, your go-to device and computer repair experts in the Cairns...

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Hairdressers Unite

There is something decidedly energizing about being around someone that is genuinely passionate about what they do. The pursuit of a craft into an exceptional or innovative space is an admirable thing to strive for...

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Retro Web

They say that time flies when you're having fun. Being a product of the 1980's, it never ceases to amaze me just how far digital technology and the internet at large has come in the past thirty-plus year...

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Fix It With Video

Video content has a much greater yield when it comes to return on investment with social media marketing. It's more engaging, it grabs more attention and it can communicate your message faster and more efficiently than any other means....

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